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Hasan Yasar
April 2019 - Webinar DevSecOps Implementation in the DoD: Barriers and Enablers

In this webcast, panelists discuss potential enablers of and barriers to using modern software development techniques and processes in the DoD or similar segregated environments.

October 2018 - Video Build Secure Applications with DevSecOps

Authors: Hasan Yasar

Watch Hasan Yasar discuss how to "Build Secure Applications with DevSecOps."

April 2018 - Webinar Agile and DevOps: Your Questions. Our Answers.

Watch this lively discussion in which we answered attendee questions on all things Agile and DevOps.

April 2018 - Podcast Agile DevOps

Topics: Acquisition Support

Eileen Wrubel and Hasan Yasar discuss how Agile and DevOps can be deployed together to meet organizational needs.

April 2018 - Presentation Implementing DevOps Practices in Highly Regulated Environments

In this paper, the authors layout the process with insights on performing a DevOps assessment in a highly regulated environment.

March 2018 - Presentation Oh No, DevOps is Tough to Implement!

Authors: Hasan Yasar

This presentation explains DevOps, common misconceptions and roadblocks, and how you can use DevOps to help your organization reach new heights of efficiency and productivity without getting frustrated.

February 2018 - Podcast How Risk Management Fits into Agile & DevOps in Government

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management

In this podcast, Eileen Wrubel, technical lead for the SEI's Agile-in-Government program leads a roundtable discussion into how Agile, DevOps, and the Risk Management Framework can work together.

September 2017 - Conference Paper Implementing Secure DevOps Assessment for Highly Regulated Environments

Authors: Hasan Yasar

This paper describes advantages and some of the challenges of applying DevOps to highly regulated entities in industry, academia, and government.

June 2017 - Podcast Integrating Security in DevOps

Topics: Performance and Dependability

Authors: Hasan Yasar

In this podcast, Hasan Yasar discusses how Secure DevOps attempts to shift the paradigm for tough security problems from following rules to creatively determining solutions.

January 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: DevOps for Better Software Build

Authors: Hasan Yasar

Watch Hasan Yasar in this SEI Cyber Minute as he discusses "DevOps for Better Software Build".

November 2016 - Conference Paper Secure DevOps Process and Implementation

This paper describes Secure DevOps theories, practices, and tools.

October 2016 - Webinar Security Practitioner Perspective on DevOps for Building Secure Solutions

Authors: Hasan Yasar

This webinar covered the perspectives of security practitioners on building secure software using the DevOps development process and modern security approach.

July 2016 - Webinar Continuous Integration (Secure DevOps)

Topics: Process Improvement

Authors: Hasan Yasar

Learn how to better identify process improvements at your organization through new perspectives on secure software development and delivery.

April 2016 - Article Where to Integrate Security Practices on DevOps Platform

The article describes how to address security concerns early in the software development lifecycle and leverage that approach throughout the entire lifecycle.

November 2015 - Webinar DevOps Panel Discussion

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering

CERT researchers discuss DevOps and its relationship to cybersecurity and the dynamic threat.

June 2015 - Webinar What DevOps Is Not!

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering

Authors: Hasan Yasar

In this webinar, we'll talk about DevOps, its common misconceptions and roadblocks, and how you can use DevOps to help your organization reach new heights of efficiency and productivity.

March 2014 - Poster Cyber Engineering Solutions Group: How We Create Innovative Solutions for People

Topics: Digital Intelligence and Investigation, Cybersecurity Engineering

With the increasing number of projects and the expansion of our team, we needed to capture our internal process and expertise so that we could effectively communicate our approach to new team members, the larger organization and our customers.