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Jørn Ølmheim (Statoil ASA)
May 2018 - Presentation A Journey to the Center of the Clouds

This talk shares Statoil's journey toward adoption of modern IT technologies and architecture patterns like cloud computing, machine learning, and microservices.

May 2018 - Presentation Enterprise IT: Architecture to the Rescue

This talk shows how Statoil has set up a company-wide network of architects, both on the business side and on the IT side, who work together.

May 2017 - Presentation Enterprise IT: How to Avoid Mediocrity

This talk outlines why large enterprises attract and cultivate mediocrity and suggests some measures that large organizations can take to avoid this phenomenon.

May 2016 - Presentation The Demise of Enterprise IT

The role of IT should be to provide software engineering competence and infrastructure to enable a business to create solutions for its challenges.

May 2016 - Presentation IoT in Statoil: Present and Future

This presentation overviews Statoil's experience with the types of devices that are called the Internet of Things and some challenges and opportunities in this area.

April 2015 - Presentation From Monolith to Microservices: A Leadership Perspective on Legacy Application Modernization

This talk shares leadership challenges of modernizing legacy systems, illustrated by a 20-year-old custom-made client/server application with 3.5 million lines of code.

April 2015 - Presentation Systems of Action: A Stack Model for Capability Classification

Statoil has studied how to best develop systems of action. This talk presents a stack model defining a capability hierarchy used to position applicable technologies.

May 2014 - Presentation What Happens When You Break All the Rules?

Presentation at SATURN 2014. Presenters address some questions facing software architects and use project experience to illustrate learnings.