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Angela Horneman
July 2017 - Podcast Ransomware: Best Practices for Prevention and Response

In this podcast, CERT researchers spell out several best practices for prevention and response to a ransomware attack.

September 2014 - Technical Report Smart Collection and Storage Method for Network Traffic Data

Topics: Network Situational Awareness

This report discusses considerations and decisions to be made when designing a tiered network data storage solution.

May 2014 - Technical Report Investigating Advanced Persistent Threat 1 (APT1)

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

This report analyzes unclassified data sets in an attempt to understand APT1's middle infrastructure.

January 2014 - Presentation Investigating APT1

Topics: Network Situational Awareness

In this presentation, the authors discuss utilizing the Internet Census 2012 data to understand how public sources tell a story about specific threat groups.