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Neal Altman
July 2015 - Conference Paper Social Network Dynamics of Insider Threats: A Preliminary Model

This paper describes a system dynamics model of insider espionage social networks. The model focuses on two forms of social capital: expectations and social norms.

October 2014 - Poster Insider Threat Mitigation Project

Topics: Insider Threat

In this poster, the approach taken by the Insider Threat Mitigation Project is illustrated, including ego-centered and email-centered analyses.

September 2000 - Technical Report Simplex Architecture Performance and Cost

Topics: Performance and Dependability

The Simplex Architecture facilitates the building of dependable and upgradable real-time systems. This paper examines Simplex performance and the costs associated with its use.

August 1999 - Technical Report Simplex in a Hostile Communications Environment: The Coordinated Prototype

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This report describes an approach to using Simplex to construct a COTS-based computer system capable of coordinated real-time motion control in a hostile communications environment.

December 1992 - Technical Report Performance and ADA Style for the AN/BSY-2 Submarine Combat System

This 1992 report describes the effect of Ada coding style on the execution performance of Ada programs.

December 1987 - Technical Report Annual Technical Report for ADA Embedded Systems Testbed Project

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This technical report provides an overview of the results produced in the first year of the ADA Embedded Systems Testbed Project (through September 30, 1987).

October 1987 - Technical Report Timing Variation in Dual Loop Benchmarks

This report disproves one of the major assumptions of dual loop benchmark testing by testing two bare computers with Ada test programs.

October 1987 - Technical Report Factors Causing Unexpected Variations in ADA Benchmarks

Authors: Neal Altman

This 1987 report considers factors that may cause ADA benchmarks to produce inaccurate results.

March 1987 - Technical Report Evaluation of ADA Environments, Executive Summary

This 1987 report provides a detailed description of the Ada Environments methodology and examples of its usage.