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William Anderson
December 2016 - White Paper Pervasive Mobile Computing

Topics: Pervasive Mobile Computing

Pervasive mobile computing focuses on how soldiers and first responders can use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile/wearable devices at the tactical edge.

November 2015 - Presentation Edge Analytics: Analysis of Social Media to Support Tactical Users

This presentation explores the architecture and implementation of Edge Analytics, discusses field trials, and presents findings from analyzing Twitter data related to the 2012 attack on the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi.

January 2014 - Brochure CMU-SEI Edge-Enabled Tactical Systems

Authors: William Anderson

This poster describes how, in the case of warfighter ambush, sensors and cloudlets serve to locate the attackers, suppress the ambush, and enable medical and fire support.

January 2014 - Brochure Edge Analytics--Real-time Analysis of Social Media

Topics: Pervasive Mobile Computing

This poster illustrates how edge analytics can enable first responders to monitor open source social media in real time to enhance public safety.

September 2013 - Poster Edge Analytics - Real-Time Analysis of High-Volume Streaming Data

Topics: Cyber-Physical Systems, Pervasive Mobile Computing

Description of the SEI capability in edge analytics

January 2012 - Technical Note Best Practices for Artifact Versioning in Service-Oriented Systems

Topics: Service-Oriented Architecture, Software Architecture

This report describes some of the challenges of software versioning in an SOA environment and provides guidance on how to meet these challenges by following industry guidelines and recommended practices.

May 2011 - Presentation Experimentation in the Use of Service Orientation in Resource-Constrained Environments

This presentation from SATURN 2011 discusses work done in off-the-shelf SOA technologies in military environments.

July 2010 - Technical Report Programmatic and Constructive Interdependence: Emerging Insights and Predictive Indicators of Development Resource Demand

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Process Improvement, System of Systems

This 2010 report describes a series of ongoing research efforts that investigate the role of interdependence in the acquisition of major defense acquisition programs.

March 2010 - Technical Report Testing in Service-Oriented Environments

Topics: Service-Oriented Architecture, Software Architecture, System of Systems

This report makes 65 recommendations for improving testing in service-oriented environments. It covers testing functionality and testing for interoperability, security, performance, and reliability qualities.

June 2009 - White Paper Revealing Cost Drivers for Systems Integration and Interoperability Through Q Methodology

Topics: System of Systems

The findings suggest that Q Methodology may prove helpful in isolating many of the non-technical latent cost factors associated with system integration and interoperability.

June 2008 - Technical Note SoS Navigator 2.0: A Context-Based Approach to System-of-Systems Challenges

Topics: System of Systems

This report introduces the fundamental concepts, processes, and techniques of the SoS Navigator approach. It also presents case studies that show the use of SoS Navigator in healthcare, military, and civilian government systems-of-systems contexts.

October 2007 - Technical Report COTS and Reusable Software Management Planning: A Template for Life-Cycle Management

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2007 report presents a COTS and Reusable Software Management Plan that can serve as a guide for how to manage multiple COTS and other reusable software components in complex systems.

October 2006 - Special Report An Examination of a Structural Modeling Risk Probe Technique

Topics: Acquisition Support, System of Systems

This report examines a structural dynamic analysis modeling technique called Projective ANalysis (PAN) that was used on an interoperability technical probe of a NATO modernization program.

June 2006 - Technical Note Joint Capabilities and System-of-Systems Solutions: A Case for Crossing Solution Domains

Topics: System of Systems

This 2006 report presents a case for the investigation and adaptation of structural and dynamic modeling techniques to the engineering of systems of systems.

November 2005 - Technical Note Topics in Interoperability: Concepts of Ownership and Their Significance in Systems of Systems

Topics: System of Systems

This technical note is a brief examination of the concept of ownership and the ways in which it might apply to systems of systems.

May 2004 - Technical Note Selecting Advanced Software Technology in Two Small Manufacturing Enterprises

This 2004 report documents two small manufacturing enterprises' (SMEs') efforts to select advanced software technologies for their business operations.

April 2004 - Technical Note Measuring Systems Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, System of Systems

This 2004 report presents best practices for measuring systems interoperability and assisting military planners in the acquisition, development, and implementation of interoperable C4I systems.

February 2004 - Technical Report Working with Small Manufacturing Enterprises: An Analysis of TIDE

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2004 paper documents some of the challenges and risks facing programs or organizations trying to help small manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

November 2001 - Special Report Army Workshop on Lessons Learned from Software Upgrade Programs

This report summarizes the results of the SEI-sponsored Software Upgrade Workshop for Legacy Systems at the Redstone Arsenal on June 5-7, 2001.