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Jai Asundi
January 2003 - White Paper Quantifying the Value of Architecture Design Decisions: Lessons from the Field

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper outlines experiences with using economic criteria to make architecture design decisions.

September 2002 - Technical Report Making Architecture Design Decisions: An Economic Approach

Topics: Software Architecture

This report describes the improvements to the CBAM (Cost Benefit Analysis Method) and provides a pilot case study conducted with NASA.

December 2001 - Technical Report Using Economic Considerations to Choose Among Architecture Design Alternatives

Topics: Software Architecture

The SEI developed the CBAM (Cost Benefit Analysis Method), which incorporates the costs and benefits of architectural design decisions and provides an effective means of making such decisions. This paper reports on the application of this method to a real world case study.

November 2001 - Technical Report Perspectives on Open Source Software

Topics: System of Systems

This 2001 report summarizes the results of a study of the benefits of pitfalls of using open source software.