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Felix Bachmann
March 2017 - Presentation Toward Successfully Navigating Large-Scale IT Modernization Efforts

Topics: Software Architecture

The authors of this presentation share their experiences developing and putting in place an IT roadmap for a large government organization, resulting in the implementation of an enterprise-wide shared data service.

March 2017 - Webinar 5 Things You Need to Know About Leading a Successful Large IT Modernization Project

In this webinar, we discuss topics to consider when planning a large modernization project and share mitigation strategies for executing the modernization effort.

April 2016 - Conference Paper Creating Software Modernization Roadmaps: The Architecture Options Workshop

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper introduces the Architecture Options Workshop, which addresses the problems of moving from identified system risks to potential design options.

November 2014 - Presentation Architecture Best Practices for Project and Technical Leaders

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation describes a set of architecture best practices based on commercial and government experiences in software development.

May 2014 - Presentation Transparency: An Architecture Principle for Socio-Technical Ecosystems

Presentation at SATURN 2014. The authors report efforts to increase productivity in a collaboration environment by increasing transparency using automated support.

July 2013 - Article Integrate End to End Early and Often

Topics: Software Architecture, TSP

This article discusses using architecture-centric engineering and the Team Software Process to develop software for a new trading engine at the Mexican Stock Exchange.

December 2012 - White Paper A Framework for Software Product Line Practice, Version 5.0

Topics: Software Architecture, Software Product Lines

This document describes the activities and practices in which an organization must be competent before it can benefit from fielding a product line of software systems.

November 2012 - Webinar Use of ACE for Improving a Software System

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Felix Bachmann

In this webinar, we will show how the SEI's architecture methods can be used to improve an existing software system.

October 2012 - Podcast Architecting a Financial System with TSP

Topics: Software Architecture, TSP

In this episode, Felix Bachmann and James McHale discuss their work on a project between the SEI and Bursatec to create a reliable and fast new trading system for Groupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, the Mexican Stock Exchange.

May 2012 - Article Architectural Tactics to Support Rapid and Agile Stability

Topics: Software Architecture

This article presents three tactics that support rapid and agile stability: aligning feature-based development and system decomposition, creating an architectural runway, and using matrix teams.

April 2012 - Webinar Architecting Software the SEI Way - Architecture Evaluation: A Tool for Designing Systems That Meet Users' Needs

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Felix Bachmann

At this 2012 event, Felix Bachmann discussed the concepts used by an Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) that make an evaluation successful, which can be integrated into the architecture design process to ensure the creation of successful systems.

September 2011 - Presentation An Architect's Point of View on TSP

Topics: TSP

Authors: Felix Bachmann

Presentation given at TSP Symposium on September 20-22, 2011

March 2011 - Webinar Architecture+TSP = High Quality+Fast

Topics: Software Architecture, TSP

This presentation on software architecture and the TSP was delivered by Felix Bachmann, Jim McHale, and Robert Nord at the SEI's SATURN 2011 workshop.

December 2010 - Technical Report Combining Architecture-Centric Engineering with the Team Software Process

Topics: Software Architecture, TSP

ACE methods and the TSP provides an iterative approach for delivering high quality systems on time and within budget. The combined approach helps organizations that must set an architecture/developer team in motion using mature, disciplined engineering practices that produce quality software quickly.

October 2010 - Book Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond, Second Edition

Topics: Software Architecture

This book provides the most complete and current guidance on how to capture a software architecture in a commonly understandable form.

September 2009 - Webinar How to Effectively Evaluate Software Architecture and Identify Risks

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Felix Bachmann

In this 2009 webinar, Felix Bachmann discusses how using the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) can help identify risks early in a product's life cycle.

May 2009 - White Paper Integrating Quality-attribute Reasoning Frameworks in the ArchE Design Assistant

Topics: Software Architecture

Bachmann et al present their work on a design assistant called ArchE that provides third-party researchers with an infrastructure to integrate their own quality-attribute models.

May 2008 - Presentation SATURN Session Summary: Use of the SEI ATAM in Practice

Authors: Felix Bachmann

This presentation reviews the discussion that took place during Session 2: Architecture Evaluation: Experiences in Using the SEI ATAM, that was led by Felix Bachmann on April 30, 2008.

September 2007 - Technical Note Using ArchE in the Classroom: One Experience

Topics: Acquisition Support, Software Architecture

The ArchE (Architecture Expert) tool serves as a software architecture design assistant. This report describes the use of a pre-alpha release of ArchE in a graduate-level software architecture class at Clemson University.

September 2007 - Technical Report Modifiability Tactics

Topics: Software Architecture

This report describes how architectural tactics are based on the parameters of quality attribute models.

March 2007 - Presentation Software Architecture Design with ArchE

Topics: Software Architecture

Felix Bachmann, Lenn Bass, and Philip Bianco present ArchE, a tool that provides the right information at the right time for architect when designing software architecture.

November 2006 - Technical Report Attribute-Driven Design (ADD), Version 2.0

Topics: Software Architecture

This report revises the steps of the Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) method and offers practical guidelines for carrying out each step.

April 2006 - Presentation Architectural Evolution (SATURN 2006)

This page contains slides from the Architecture Evolution Working Session that was hosted by Felix Bachmann and Robert Nord at SATURN 2006. This session was meant to convey preliminary ideas for the purpose of getting feedback.

September 2005 - Technical Note Experience Using the Web-Based Tool Wiki for Architecture Documentation

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2005 report discusses the benefits and challenges of using a wiki-based collaborative environment to create software architecture documentation.

September 2005 - Technical Report Variability in Software Product Lines

Topics: Software Product Lines

This 2005 report describes the concepts needed when creating core assets with included variability. These concepts provide guidelines to core asset creators on how to model the variability explicitly, so it is handled consistently throughout the product line and managing the variability becomes feasible.

April 2005 - Presentation Architecture Design Expert (SATURN 2005)

Felix Bachmann and Mark Klein (SEI) discuss how to design software architecture that meets software requirements using ArchE, a tool design to aid an architect during the design process.

April 2005 - Presentation Methodical Design of Software Architecture Using an Architecture Design Assistant (ArchE)

Topics: Software Architecture

This presentation – on methodically designing software architecture using ArchE, an architecture design assistant – was presented by Felix Bachmann and Mark H. Klein in 2005.

September 2004 - Technical Note Security and Survivability Reasoning Frameworks and Architectural Design Tactics

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering, Software Architecture

In this report, the authors describe an approach to disciplined software architecture design for the related quality attributes of security and survivability.

December 2003 - Technical Report SACAM: The Software Architecture Comparison Analysis Method

Topics: Software Architecture

The report describes SACAM, a method that provides rationale for an architecture selection process by comparing the fitness of architecture candidates for required systems.

September 2003 - Technical Report SEI Independent Research and Development Projects (FY 2003)

This report describes the IR&D projects that were conducted during fiscal year 2003 (October 2002 through September 2003).

September 2003 - Technical Report Preliminary Design of ArchE: A Software Architecture Design Assistant

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2003 report presents a procedure for moving from a set of quality attribute scenarios to an architecture design that satisfies those scenarios.

March 2003 - Technical Report Deriving Architectural Tactics: A Step Toward Methodical Architectural Design

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2003 technical report provides the status on the work being done by the SEI to understand the relationship between quality requirements and architectural design.

August 2002 - Technical Report Illuminating the Fundamental Contributors to Software Architecture Quality

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2002 report presents the basic concepts of analysis models for two quality attributes-modifiability and performance, identifies a collection of tactics that can be used to control responses within those models, and discusses how to analyze the models in terms of these tactics.

June 2002 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Interfaces

Topics: Software Architecture

This report provides guidance for documenting the interfaces to software elements.

January 2002 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Behavior

Topics: Software Architecture

This report describes ways to document the behavior of systems, subsystems, and components of software architecture.

October 2001 - White Paper Quality Attribute Design Primitives and the Attribute Driven Design Method

Topics: Software Product Lines

This paper discusses the understanding of quality attributes and their application to the design of a software architecture.

August 2001 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architectures: Organization of Documentation Package

Topics: Software Architecture

This comprehensive handbook outlines how to produce high-quality documentation for software architectures.

May 2001 - White Paper Managing Variability in Software Architectures

Topics: Software Product Lines

This paper presents experience with explicitly managing variability within a software architecture.

May 2001 - Special Report SEI Workshop on Software Architecture Representation, 16-17 January 2001

Topics: Software Architecture

This report summarizes the discussions from the 2001 Architecture Representation Workshop, where five leading software architects and practitioners were invited to discuss aspects of the architecture representation with senior members of the SEI technical staff.

December 2000 - Technical Note Quality Attribute Design Primitives

Topics: Software Architecture

This report addresses mechanisms that significantly affect quality attribute behavior and have sufficient content for analysis.

October 2000 - Special Report An Application of the Architecture-Based Design Method to the Electronic House

Topics: Software Architecture

This report elaborates an example of the application of the ABD (Architecture-Based Design) method to designing software architecture.

May 2000 - Technical Report Volume II: Technical Concepts of Component-Based Software Engineering, 2nd Edition

The objective of this study is to determine whether CBSE has the potential to advance the state of software engineering practice and, if so, whether the SEI can contribute to this advancement.

March 2000 - Special Report Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting Architectural Layers

Topics: Software Architecture

The 2000 report lays out our approach and organization for the book-in-planning titled Software Architecture Documentation in Practice, and provides guidance for the layer diagram.

January 2000 - Technical Report The Architecture Based Design Method

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper presents the Architecture Based Design (ABD) method for designing the high-level software architecture for a product line or long-lived system.