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Stephen Blanchette, Jr.
November 2016 - Article Giant Slayer: Will You Let Software be David to Your Goliath System?

The article discusses what can (and should) be done to improve the state of software engineering on large scale aerospace programs.

September 2016 - Presentation Driving Efficiencies into the Software Life Cycle for Army Systems

Topics: Software Architecture

This presentation was presented to the CECOM Software Solarium.

December 2010 - Technical Report Beyond Technology Readiness Levels for Software: U.S. Army Workshop Report

Topics: Acquisition Support

This report synthesizes presentations, discussions, and outcomes from the "Beyond Technology Readiness Levels for Software" workshop from August 2010.

January 2010 - Technical Report Evaluating the Software Design of a Complex System of Systems

Topics: Acquisition Support, System of Systems

The report examines the application of the life-cycle architecture milestone to the software and computing elements of the former Future Combat Systems program.

April 2009 - Presentation The Impact of Conducting ATAM Evaluations on Army Programs (SATURN 2009)

This presentation describes the results of a study of the impact of software architecture practices conducted with Army programs.

April 2009 - Presentation Assurance Cases for Design Analysis of Complex System of Systems Software

Topics: Acquisition Support, Software Assurance

In this presentation, Stephen Blanchette describes how the assurance case technique is can help analyze large and complex system of systems software design.

April 2009 - White Paper Assurance Cases for Design Analysis of Complex System of Systems Software

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This paper discusses the application of assurance cases as a means of building confidence that the software design of a complex system of systems will actually meet the operational objectives set forth in the project's top-level requirements.

April 2009 - Special Report Impact of Army Architecture Evaluations

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2009 report describes the results of a study of the impact that the ATAM evaluations and QAWs had on Army programs.

March 2009 - Technical Report U.S. Army Workshop on Exploring Enterprise, System of Systems, System, and Software Architectures

Topics: Acquisition Support, Software Architecture

This report confirms that various architectural genres enjoy more commonalities than differences. Each one has its own important knowledge base, and openness among the various architectural tasks within an organization is growing in importance.

June 2007 - Technical Report Progress Toward an Organic Software Architecture Capability in the U.S. Army

Topics: Acquisition Support, Software Architecture

This 2007 report describes the Software Architecture Initiative of the Army Strategic Software Improvement Program.

August 2005 - Technical Note Self-Assessment and the CMMI-AM—A Guide for Government Program Managers

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI, Acquisition Support

This 2005 report provides program managers with general information about the CMMI-AM, details about the self-assessment technique, and the questions used in a self-assessment.

March 2005 - Special Report U.S. Army Acquisition: The Program Executive Officer Perspective

Topics: Acquisition Support

The U.S. Army Strategic Software Improvement Program (ASSIP) is a multi-year effort to improve the way the Army acquires software-intensive systems. As part of the ASSIP, the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute interviewed the Army's Program E

January 2004 - Presentation Why Not Network Centric Acquisition?

Topics: Acquisition Support

"Why Not Network Centric Acquisition?" was delivered by Kathryn Ambrose, Stephen Blanchette, Jr., Ira Monarch, and Frank Sisti at the Conference on Acquisition of Software Intensive Systems on January 28, 2004.