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Mary M. Brown
July 2010 - Technical Report Programmatic and Constructive Interdependence: Emerging Insights and Predictive Indicators of Development Resource Demand

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Process Improvement, System of Systems

This 2010 report describes a series of ongoing research efforts that investigate the role of interdependence in the acquisition of major defense acquisition programs.

June 2006 - Technical Note Joint Capabilities and System-of-Systems Solutions: A Case for Crossing Solution Domains

Topics: System of Systems

This 2006 report presents a case for the investigation and adaptation of structural and dynamic modeling techniques to the engineering of systems of systems.

October 2004 - Technical Note Illuminating Patterns of Perception: An Overview of Q Methodology

Topics: Process Improvement

Authors: Mary M. Brown

This 2004 technical note describes ways for applying Q methodology, a research method with a proven history for illuminating agreement and differences among individual and group perceptions, to assist software engineering processes.