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George Fairbanks (Google)
May 2018 - Presentation Debrief of the Growing Great Software Designers Workshop

This presentation summarizes discussion from the Growing Great Software Designers Workshop, including challenges and suggestions for today's software shops.

May 2018 - Presentation Refactoring to Functional Architecture Patterns

This talk describes a Google experience of using both functional and object-oriented programming, which resulted in an architecture flavored by functional ideas.

May 2017 - Presentation Functional Programming Invades Architecture

Functional programming (FP) has invaded architectures. This talk surveys FP architecture ideas, how they work, and why they are increasingly popular.

May 2016 - Presentation Centralized vs. Decentralized Approaches to SOA: Hamilton vs. Jefferson

This session takes an unusual path to explore essential topics in modern SOA, including governance, message passing, orchestration, quality assurance, and deployment.

May 2016 - Presentation Model-Minded Development

This presentation introduces Model-Minded Development, which enables senior software developers to track many abstract yet complex models that constrain their code.

April 2015 - Presentation Injection, Modularity, and Testing: An Architecturally Interesting Intersection

Dependency injection, code modularity, and testing often seem like staid, even boring, topics, but there are surprises when you put all three together.

May 2014 - Presentation Teaching Architecture Metamodel-First

Presentation at SATURN 2014. A novel approach to teaching software architecture based on metamodels.

May 2013 - Presentation An Architecturally Evident Coding Style

A presentation given at the SATURN 201 conference, held April 29 - May 3, 2013, in Minneapolis, MN.