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Alan M. Christie
December 2002 - Technical Report Network Survivability Analysis Using Easel

Topics: Network Situational Awareness

Authors: Alan M. Christie

In this 2002 report, Alan Christie describes the results of exploring the use of simulation in examining internet survivability.

January 2000 - Technical Report State of the Practice of Intrusion Detection Technologies

This report provides an unbiasedassessment of publicly available ID technology. The report also outlines relevant issues for the research community as they formulate research directions and allocate funds.

April 1999 - White Paper Simulation: An Enabling Technology in Software Engineering

Authors: Alan M. Christie

This 1999 whitepaper suggests three reasons why the software engineering community could exploit simulation to much greater advantage.

July 1996 - Technical Report Software Process Automation: Experiences from the Trenches

This 1996 report documents an empirical study that documented practical experiences related to software process automation and to identify what works and what does not.

March 1994 - Technical Report A Practical Guide to the Technology and Adoption of Software Process Automation

Authors: Alan M. Christie

This 1994 report identifies how process automation relates to both process improvement and CASE tools.

June 1993 - Technical Report Process-Centered Development Environments: An Exploration of Issues

Authors: Alan M. Christie

This 1993 report addresses process definition and enactment (PCDE) issues which pertain to the specification and design of a PCDE.

June 1993 - Technical Report A Study in Software Maintenance

This report presents the results of interviews between CASE Environments Project team members and personnel in eight software maintenance projects within an agency of the U.S. government. The purpose of the study was to learn more about the tools, procedures, and techniques project personnel use in their work.

November 1992 - Technical Report Analysis of a Software Maintenance System: A CASE Study

This paper documents and analyzes an existing, moderate size, software maintenance project.