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Stephanie Rosenthal
November 2016 - Presentation Why did the Robot do That?

Investigated how having robots automatically explain their behavior using natural language would improve users' trust

November 2016 - Presentation Supporting Software Engineering Best Practices in Additive Manufacturing

Project developed a framework to support scalable production and customization of 3D models

October 2016 - Poster Why did the robot do that?

Why did the robot do that?

October 2016 - Poster Software Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing

October 2016 - Poster Data Validation for Large-Scale Analytics

Building Tools to Support Data Sampling and Visualization

August 2016 - Conference Paper Spatial references and perspective in natural language instructions for collaborative manipulation

In this work, we investigate spatial features and perspectives in human spatial references and compare word usage when instructing robots vs. instructing other humans.

August 2016 - Conference Paper Enhancing Human Understanding of a Mobile Robot’s State and Actions using Expressive Lights

In this work, we present an online study to evaluate the effect of robot communication through expressive lights on people's understanding of the robot's state and actions.

August 2016 - Conference Paper Dynamic Generation and Refinement of Robot Verbalization

With a growing number of robots performing autonomously without human intervention, it is difficult to understand what the robots experience along their routes during execution without looking at execution logs. Rather than looking through logs, our goal

July 2016 - Conference Paper UAV and Service Robot Coordination for Indoor Object Search Tasks

In this paper, we propose the concept of coordination between CoBot and the Parrot ARDrone 2.0 to perform service-based object search tasks, in which CoBot localizes and navigates to the general search areas carrying the ARDrone and the ARDrone searches l

July 2016 - Conference Paper Verbalization: Narration of Autonomous Robot Experience

In this work, we address the generation of narrations of autonomous mobile robot navigation experiences.