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Susan A. Dart
June 1993 - Technical Report A Study in Software Maintenance

This report presents the results of interviews between CASE Environments Project team members and personnel in eight software maintenance projects within an agency of the U.S. government. The purpose of the study was to learn more about the tools, procedures, and techniques project personnel use in their work.

July 1992 - Technical Report The Past, Present, and Future of Configuration Management

Authors: Susan A. Dart

This 1992 paper outlines future issues affecting solutions to CM problems. To put the future into perspective, it is necessary to discuss the past and present situation for CM.

May 1992 - Technical Report Parallels in Computer-Aided Design Framework and Software Development Environment Efforts

Authors: Susan A. Dart

This 1992 paper raises awareness about the similarities between the efforts of the SDE community and the electronic CAD framework community.

December 1990 - Technical Report Spectrum of Functionality in Configuration Management Systems

Authors: Susan A. Dart

This 1990 report highlights a spectrum of features provided by existing CM systems.

July 1988 - Technical Report Evaluation of the Rational Environment

This 1988 report presents an analysis of the Rational R1000 Development System for ADA, also called the Rational Environment.

December 1987 - Technical Report ADA for Embedded Systems: Issues and Questions

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This 1987 report addresses issues and questions related to the use of ADA for embedded systems applications.

October 1987 - Technical Report Software Development

Over the last 20 years, the set of software tools available to developers has expanded considerably. We can illustrate this change by observing some distinctions in the terminology.