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Dennis N. Doubleday
December 1992 - Technical Report Durra: A Task Description Language User's Manual (Version 2)

This 1992 document describes the use of Durra, a task-level application description language, and its associated toolset.

December 1991 - Technical Report Durra: A Task-Level Description Language Reference Manual (Version 3)

This 1991 report describes the Durra language and incorporates the language changes introduced as a result of our experiences writing application descriptions in Durra.

December 1991 - Technical Report A Description of Cluster Code Generated by the Durra Compiler

This document helps Durra application developers acquire an understanding of the concepts necessary to be effective Durra application debuggers.

December 1991 - Technical Report Building Distributed ADA Applications from Specifications and Functional Components

This report describes Durra, a language and support environment for the specification and execution of distributed Ada applications.

September 1991 - Technical Report Durra: An Integrated Approach to Software Specification, Modeling, and Rapid Prototyping

This 1991 paper discusses the relationship between software specification, modeling and prototyping activities as part of a real-time system development strategy.

September 1989 - Technical Report The Durra Application Debugger/Monitor

This report describes the Durra application debugger/monitor, which helps the developer locate errors and/or performance bottlenecks in a Durra application.

September 1989 - Technical Report Durra: A Task-Level Description Language User's Manual

This manual is for users of the Durra compiler, runtime system, and support tools.

February 1989 - Technical Report Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence Node: A Durra Application Example

This report describes an experiment in implementing a command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I) node using reusable components.

July 1988 - Technical Report The Durra Runtime Environment

This 1988 report describes the Durra Runtime Environment for Durra, a language designed to support PMS-level programming.

July 1988 - Technical Report Generalized Image Library: A Durra Application Example

This 1988 report describes an experiment in writing task descriptions and type declarations for a subset of the Generalized Image Library, a collection of utilities developed at Carnegie Mellon University.