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Chuck Engle Jr.
October 1992 - Technical Report ADA Adoption Handbook: A Program Manager's Guide, Version 2.0

Authors: William E. Hefley, John T. Foreman, Chuck Engle Jr., John B. Goodenough

The handbook addresses the advantages and risks in adopting ADA. Significant emphasis has been placed on providing information and suggesting methods that will help program and project managers succeed in using ADA across a broad range of applications.

November 1989 - Educational Material APSE Interactive Monitor: A Software Artifact for Software Engineering Education

Authors: Chuck Engle Jr., Gary Ford, James E. Tomayko

This report describes the AIM (APSE Interactive Monitor) system and some possible educational uses.

February 1989 - Educational Material Software Maintenance Exercises for a Software Engineering Project Course

Authors: Chuck Engle Jr., Gary Ford, Timothy Korson

This 1989 report provides an operational software system of 10,000 lines of ADA and several exercises based on that system.

December 1987 - Technical Report Interfacing ADA and SQL

Authors: Chuck Engle Jr., Robert Firth, Mark H. Graham, William G. Wood

This 1987 document assists the reader in answering the question "What constitutes a good interface between ADA and SQL?"