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Len Estrin
May 2004 - Technical Note Selecting Advanced Software Technology in Two Small Manufacturing Enterprises

This 2004 report documents two small manufacturing enterprises' (SMEs') efforts to select advanced software technologies for their business operations.

February 2004 - Technical Report Working with Small Manufacturing Enterprises: An Analysis of TIDE

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2004 paper documents some of the challenges and risks facing programs or organizations trying to help small manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

August 2003 - Technical Note Building Relationships between Small Manufacturing Enterprises and Vendors: Findings from the TIDE Program

This report presents findings to help vendors, VARs, and SMEs develop mutually beneficial and successful relationships.

June 2003 - Technical Report Overcoming Barriers to Technology Adoption in Small Manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs)

This 2003 report summarizes technology demonstrations, workforce development activities, and technology development efforts of the SEI's TIDE Program.