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Robert Ferguson
November 2015 - Presentation Dashing All the Way: Defining the Best Dashboard for Your Program

This presentation shows a program dashboard representation used in some Air Force programs to aggregate the data being reported and includes methods that provide some insight into schedule risk.

November 2015 - Presentation A Defect Prioritization Method Based on the Risk Priority Number

This presentation presents a defect-prioritization method based on a risk priority number, which will help program offices establish priorities for updating systems.

February 2015 - Technical Report A Dynamic Model of Sustainment Investment

Topics: Process Improvement, Measurement and Analysis

This paper describes a dynamic sustainment model that shows how budgeting, allocation of resources, mission performance, and strategic planning are interrelated and how they affect each other over time.

October 2014 - Article Dynamics of Software Sustainment

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

This paper describes the development of a dynamic economic model of sustainment to predict the consequences of funding decisions within sustainment organizations.

March 2014 - Presentation Modeling Sustainment Dynamics

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

This presentation overviews a systems dynamics simulation model that describes influences of multiple variables on the sustainment phase of a system.

February 2014 - Article Modeling Software Sustainment

This paper describes research to develop a model that shows the results of investment decisions, allowing decision makers to make adjustments before problems occur.

November 2013 - White Paper A Defect Prioritization Method Based on the Risk Priority Number

Topics: Acquisition Support

This paper describes a technique that helps organizations address and resolve conflicting views and create a better value system for defining releases.

December 2011 - Technical Report Quantifying Uncertainty in Early Lifecycle Cost Estimation (QUELCE)

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

The method of quantifying uncertainty described in this report synthesizes scenario building, Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) modeling and Monte Carlo simulation into an estimation method that quantifies uncertainties, allows subjective inputs, visually depicts influential relationships among program change drivers and outputs, and assists with the explicit description and documentation underlying an estimate.

November 2009 - Technical Note A Method for Assessing Technical Progress and Quality Throughout the System Life Cycle

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Process Improvement

This 2009 paper provides a framework for evaluating a system from several perspectives for a comprehensive picture of progress and quality.

June 2009 - Technical Note Measurement for Improvement: Successful Measurement Practices Used in Army Software Acquisition

Topics: Acquisition Support

This report summarizes the findings of a study conducted for the Army to find and describe software measurement practices that are being used successfully.

November 2007 - Presentation Systems Engineering Complexity & Project Management

Topics: Process Improvement

Authors: Robert Ferguson

Presented at the CMMI Technology Conference, November 2007.

March 2006 - Technical Note Toward Measures for Software Architectures

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Software Architecture

In this 2006 report, the authors describe the results of a preliminary investigation into measures for software architecture.

November 2004 - Presentation Organizational Considerations for the Estimating Process

Topics: Process Improvement

Authors: Robert Ferguson

Presented: November 2004

March 2004 - Presentation Why Make the Switch? Evidence About the Benefits of CMMI

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides an overview of the benefits of CMMI adoption.

January 2004 - Presentation An Acquirer's Guide to Navigating Contractor Data

Topics: Acquisition Support

An Acquirer's Guide to Navigating Contractor Data was delivered by Robert Ferguson, Wolfhart B. Goethert, and Jeannine Siviy of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in January 2004.