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Robert Firth
July 1998 - Technical Report An Approach for Selecting and Specifying Tools for Information Survivability

This paper proposes a lexicon of functionalities to characterize survivable systems activities, and an approach to analyze networked systems environments.

June 1998 - Security Improvement Module Detecting Signs of Intrusion

The 1998 report provides guidance to help organizations improve the security of their networked computer systems.

December 1989 - Technical Report Version Description and Installation Guide

This 1989 document characterizes a specific version of the Distributed ADA Real-Time Kernel (DARK) software artifact and supplies documentation for its installation and use.

December 1989 - Technical Report Dark Porting and Extension Guide Kernel Version 3.0

This 1989 document describes the modifications made to DARK software when porting it from its original execution environment to a VAX/VMS system.

July 1988 - Technical Report Kernel Facilities Definition

This document defines the conceptual design of the Kernel by specifying the underlying models, assumptions, and 2) restrictions that govern the design and implementation of the Kernel.

April 1988 - Technical Report A Guide to the Assessment of Software Development Methods

This 1988 report outlines a process that provides method assessors with a systematic way to improve their understanding of and form opinions about the ability of existing methods to meet their organization's software engineering methods.

December 1987 - Technical Report Interfacing ADA and SQL

This 1987 document assists the reader in answering the question "What constitutes a good interface between ADA and SQL?"

November 1987 - Technical Report Final Evaluation of MIPS M/500 Final Report for the RISC Insertion Project

This 1987 report describes the evaluation of the MIPS M/500 RISC processor1 as part of ongoing research into RISC class architectures.

November 1987 - Technical Report A Classification Scheme for Software Development Methods

This report describes a classification scheme for software development methods, includes descriptions of the major characteristics of such methods, and contains some words of advice on choosing and applying such methods.

September 1987 - Technical Report A Guide to the Classification and Assessment of Software Engineering Tools

This 1987 report describes a tool classification technique that helps those investigating tools decide where a tool fits in the software engineering process and identify what a tool does or doesn't do.

July 1987 - Technical Report Distributed ADA Real-Time Kernel

This 1987 paper addresses two distinct needs of real-time applications: distribution and hard real-time scheduling mechanisms.