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David Fisher
March 2012 - Technical Note Principles of Trust for Embedded Systems

Authors: David Fisher

In this report, David Fisher provides substance and explicit meaning to the terms trust and trustworthy as they relate to automated systems.

January 2011 - Technical Note Trust and Trusted Computing Platforms

This technical note examines the Trusted Platform Module, which arose from work related to the Independent Research and Development project "Trusted Computing in Extreme Adversarial Environments: Using Trusted Hardware as a Foundation for Cyber Security."

January 2007 - Technical Note Conditions for Achieving Network-Centric Operations in Systems of Systems

Topics: System of Systems

This 2007 report lists conditions that must prevail to achieve effective acquisition, development, and use of systems of systems.

April 2006 - Technical Note System-of-Systems Navigator: An Approach for Managing System-of-Systems Interoperability

Topics: System of Systems

This technical note introduces the System-of-Systems Navigator (SoS Navigator), the collection and codification of essential practices for building large-scale systems of systems.

March 2006 - Technical Report An Emergent Perspective on Interoperation in Systems of Systems

Topics: System of Systems

Authors: David Fisher

This 2006 report facilitates discussion and reasoning about interoperation within systems of systems by showing some of the interdependencies among systems, emergence, and interoperation.

August 2005 - Technical Note Some Current Approaches to Interoperability

Topics: System of Systems

This 2005 report examines some of the complexities of interoperability and some recent research approaches to achieving it.

March 2005 - Technical Note Topics in Interoperability: System-of-Systems Evolution

Topics: System of Systems

This report - the first in a series of reports on interoperability - examines how interoperable systems of systems evolve.

March 2004 - Technical Report Current Perspectives on Interoperability

Topics: System of Systems

This 2004 report describes current research within the software engineering community on the topic of interoperability between software systems.

November 1997 - Technical Report Survivable Network Systems: An Emerging Discipline

This 1997 report describes the survivability approach to helping assure that a system that must operate in an unbounded network is robust in the presence of attack and will survive attacks that result in successful intrusions.

January 1997 - Handbook C4 Software Technology Reference Guide: A Prototype

The 1997 document provides a guide to specific software technologies of interest to those building or maintaining systems, especially those in command, control, and/or communications applications.

January 1997 - Special Report Report to the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

This 1997 report identifies threats to and vulnerabilities of the Internet and estimates the cascade effect that a successful, sustained attack on the Internet would have on the critical national infrastructures set out in Executive Order 13010.

August 1996 - Handbook Structured Survey of Software Technology with Initial Focus on C4I Applications for Cheyenne Mountain

Authors: David Fisher

This 1996 report outlines the effort to produce a reference document that will allow the Air Force to systematically plan the research and development (R&D) and technology insertion required to meet current and future Air Force needs.