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William A. Florac
February 2003 - Presentation Data Analysis Dynamics

Topics: Process Improvement

Presented: February 2003

July 1999 - Book Measuring the Software Process: Statistical Process Control for Software Process Improvement

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Process Improvement

This book shows how to use measurement to manage and improve software processes within an organization in order to achieve both business and technical goals.

April 1997 - Handbook Practical Software Measurement: Measuring for Process Management and Improvement

This 1997 report shows how well-established principles and methods for evaluating and controlling process performance can be applied in software settings to achieve an organization's business and technical goals.

May 1995 - Technical Report A DoD Software Measurement Pilot: Applying the SEI Core Measures

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

This 1995 report discusses observations, lessons learned, and recommendations from a DISA pilot effort to assess the issues involved in implementing a software measurement program across multiple sites and projects.

September 1992 - Technical Report Software Measurement for DoD Systems: Recommendations for Initial Core Measures

This 1992 report presents recommendations for a basic set of software measures that Department of Defense (DoD) organizations can use to help plan and manage the acquisition, development, and support of software systems.

September 1992 - Technical Report Software Quality Measurement: A Framework for Counting Problems and Defects

This 1992 report presents mechanisms for describing and specifying software problems and defects--two software measures used to understand and predict software product quality and software process efficacy.