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John T. Foreman
September 2009 - Technical Note Lessons Learned from a Large, Multi-Segment, Software-Intensive System

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2009 report contains a series of observations and their associated lessons learned from a large, multi-segment, software-intensive system.

February 2004 - Technical Report Working with Small Manufacturing Enterprises: An Analysis of TIDE

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2004 paper documents some of the challenges and risks facing programs or organizations trying to help small manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

August 2003 - Technical Note Building Relationships between Small Manufacturing Enterprises and Vendors: Findings from the TIDE Program

This report presents findings to help vendors, VARs, and SMEs develop mutually beneficial and successful relationships.

June 2003 - Technical Report Overcoming Barriers to Technology Adoption in Small Manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs)

This 2003 report summarizes technology demonstrations, workforce development activities, and technology development efforts of the SEI's TIDE Program.

May 2001 - Special Report Spiral Development and Evolutionary Acquisition

Topics: Acquisition Support

DoD Instruction 5000.2 introduced innovations throughout the acquisition cycle. To address this, a workshop was held September 2000. This 2001 report summarizes the workshop and presents its recommendations.

July 2000 - Special Report Spiral Development - Building the Culture: A Report on the CSE-SEI Workshop, February, 2000

This report summarizes the CSE/SEI February 2000 SDM workshop and presents its recommendations.

January 1997 - Handbook C4 Software Technology Reference Guide: A Prototype

The 1997 document provides a guide to specific software technologies of interest to those building or maintaining systems, especially those in command, control, and/or communications applications.

October 1992 - Technical Report ADA Adoption Handbook: A Program Manager's Guide, Version 2.0

The handbook addresses the advantages and risks in adopting ADA. Significant emphasis has been placed on providing information and suggesting methods that will help program and project managers succeed in using ADA across a broad range of applications.

May 1987 - Technical Report ADA Adoption Handbook

This technical report has been superseded by CMU/SEI-92-TR-029. Please refer to the new page for information about this report.