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Brian P. Gallagher (CACI International)

CACI International

Brian Gallagher is the Director of the SEI's Acquisition Support Program. He builds teams from across the Software Engineering Institute to support the needs of DoD and other government acquisition programs. Brian was previously employed with the Aerospace Corporation where he worked as a software acquisition and engineering advisor for several Air Force and NRO projects. During his Air Force career, he was the Deputy, Software Engineering with an Air Intelligence Agency remote site, Chief Engineer on the Range Operations Control Center Project at Cape Canaveral AFS, FL, a Software Project Manager for the Titan IV Program Office, and a Software En-gineer with Strategic Air Command. He received his B.S. in MIS from Peru State College, and M.S. in CS/Software Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology.

Publications by Brian P. Gallagher (CACI International)