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Caroline P. Graettinger
November 2008 - Presentation SEPG Conference Series Overview

Topics: Process Improvement

In this 2008 SEI webinar, Caroline Graettinger, SEPG Conference Chair, answered questions about this conference series hosted by the Software Engineering Institute.

November 2008 - Video Video About the SEPG Conference

Topics: Process Improvement

A 2008 video presenting an overview of the SEPG conference.

March 2008 - User's Guide Prototype for a Field Guide for Improving Processes in Small Settings

Topics: Process Improvement

This document was developed to help organizations in small settings pursue process improvement.

January 2006 - Special Report Proceedings of the First International Research Workshop for Process Improvement in Small Settings, 2005

Topics: Process Improvement

This 2006 report includes papers from the Proceedings of the First International Research Workshop for Process Improvement in Small Settings workshop, and presents conclusions and next steps for process improvement in small settings.

January 2003 - Presentation TRL Corollaries for Practice-Based Technologies

Topics: Acquisition Support

This presentation was delivered in January 2003.

September 2002 - Special Report Using the Technology Readiness Levels Scale to Support Technology Management in the DoD's ATD/STO Environments (A Findings and Recommendations Report Conducted for Army CECOM)

This report describes the results of the SEI study of the feasibility of (a) using TRLs in STO technology screening, (b) developing or acquiring a TRL tool, and (c) implementing a TRL tool.

February 2002 - Technical Report The Road to CMMI: Results of the First Technology Transition Workshop

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI

This 2002 paper reports the findings of the First Technology Transition Workshop, held in November 2001.

November 2001 - Special Report Army Workshop on Lessons Learned from Software Upgrade Programs

This report summarizes the results of the SEI-sponsored Software Upgrade Workshop for Legacy Systems at the Redstone Arsenal on June 5-7, 2001.

July 2000 - Special Report Spiral Development - Building the Culture: A Report on the CSE-SEI Workshop, February, 2000

This report summarizes the CSE/SEI February 2000 SDM workshop and presents its recommendations.