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Sebastian von Conrad (Envato)
May 2018 - Presentation How to Measure Anything! ... Or Actually Just Quality Attributes

Many quality attributes can be hard to measure. This talk applies lessons from Hubbard's How to Measure Anything to quantify even the trickiest QAs.

May 2017 - Presentation An In-Depth Look at Event Sourcing with Command Query Responsibility Segregation

Event Sourcing can enable us to move faster by supporting rapid experimentation with new perspectives, new user interactions, and new insights into our business.

May 2017 - Presentation The Influential Architect: Succeeding at Scale Among Fully Autonomous Teams

In a company at scale with many fully autonomous and agile development teams, the architect's role is more about preventing entropy than about setting direction.

May 2016 - Presentation UPDATE Your VIEW on DELETE: The Benefits of Event Sourcing

This talk explains what Event Sourcing is, how it differs from object-relational maps, and why you should consider using it, illustrated with practical examples.