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Aaron Greenhouse
December 2005 - Technical Report Results of SEI Independent Research and Development Projects and Report on Emerging Technologies and Technology Trends (FY2005)

Authors: Rosann W. Collins, Rick Kazman, Richard C. Linger (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Mark Pleszkoch, Stacy J. Prowell, Natasha Sharygina, Kurt C. Wallnau, Gwendolyn H. Walton, Charles B. Weinstock, Lutz Wrage, Sagar Chaki, Peter H. Feiler, John B. Goodenough, Aaron Greenhouse, Jörgen Hansson (University of Skovde), Alan R. Hevner (University of South Florida), John J. Hudak, Angel Jordan

This report describes the IR&D projects that were conducted during fiscal year 2005 (October 2004 through September 2005). In addition, this report provides information on what the SEI has learned in its role as a technology scout for developments over the past year in the field of software engineering.