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Arila Barnes (GE Digital)
May 2018 - Presentation How to "Talk" to Your Software: Alexa, Google, Watson, and Cortana, a Side-by-Side Comparison of Cloud Speech Recognition APIs

With the introduction of products like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Echo, speech recognition is now part of daily life. This presentation shows how to pick the right service.

May 2017 - Presentation Turning Projects into Products and Wind into Profit, or How GE Renewables Was Transformed into a Cloud SaaS Provider

I share a case study of how a lean approach to developing product architecture was applied at GE Renewables Digital to bring software products to renewables assets.

May 2016 - Presentation The Business Model Canvas Pattern: From Concept to Product Architecture in an Agile World

This talk summarizes the Lean Business Canvas, Concept Maps, and Domain-Driven Design patterns and introduces a novel approach to developing product architecture.