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Jon Gross
August 2015 - Technical Note Contracting for Agile Software Development in the Department of Defense: An Introduction

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Eileen Wrubel, Jon Gross

This technical note addresses effective contracting for Agile software development and offers a primer on Agile based on a contracting officer's goals.

January 2005 - Presentation SSA's Journey to SW-CMM ML3 and Transition to CMMI

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Rick Barbour, Jon Gross, Lisa Markowski (Social Security Administration), Rod Waltersdorff (Social Security Administration)

SSA's Journey to SW-CMM ML3 and Transition to CMMI was delivered in January 2005.

March 2004 - Technical Report Case Study: IRS Business System Modernization Process Improvement

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Lloyd Anderson, Matt Fisher, Jon Gross

This report provides an overview of applying the SA-CMM to the IRS modernization effort to establish and implement more effective acquisition management processes and practices.

January 1997 - Handbook C4 Software Technology Reference Guide: A Prototype

Authors: John T. Foreman, Jon Gross, Robert Rosenstein, David Fisher, Kimberly Brune

The 1997 document provides a guide to specific software technologies of interest to those building or maintaining systems, especially those in command, control, and/or communications applications.