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Josh Hammerstein
September 2016 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Cyber Workforce Development Research

Authors: Josh Hammerstein

Josh Hammerstein discusses "CERT Cyber Workforce Development Research."

December 2010 - Technical Report The CERT Approach to Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Topics: Workforce Development

Authors: Josh Hammerstein, Christopher May

This report describes a model commonly used for developing and maintaining a competent cybersecurity workforce, explains some operational limitations associated with that model, and presents a new approach to cybersecurity workforce development.

September 2006 - Handbook Defense-in-Depth: Foundations for Secure and Resilient Enterprises

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management

Authors: Christopher May, Josh Hammerstein, Kristopher Rush, Jeff Mattson

In this handbook, the authors provide the definitive collection of materials from the 2006 Defense-in-Depth Foundational Curriculum course.

September 2005 - Handbook First Responders Guide to Computer Forensics: Advanced Topics

Topics: Digital Intelligence and Investigation, Incident Management

Authors: Richard Nolan, Marie Baker, Jake Branson, Josh Hammerstein, Kristopher Rush, Cal Waits, Elizabeth Schweinsberg

In this 2005 handbook, the authors help technical staff members who are charged with administering and securing information systems and networks.