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Fred Hansen
February 2003 - Technical Note On the Suitability of Tcl/Tk for SYS

Authors: Fred Hansen

This 2003 report reviews various websites and considers other factors that should influence the choice of Tcl/Tk as a tool for further development of SYS.

February 2003 - Technical Note Rendering Tcl/Tk Windows as HTML

Authors: Fred Hansen

Tcl is a programming language having a Toolkit library that provides a standard set of GUI widgets. Since these are aimed at direct presentation via a window manager, Tcl/Tk applications are not compatible with web-based service delivery environments. Several tools provide help, but do not provide a migration path for eventual full conversion to web-based delivery. This 2003 report suggests a new approach.

November 2001 - Special Report Army Workshop on Lessons Learned from Software Upgrade Programs

This report summarizes the results of the SEI-sponsored Software Upgrade Workshop for Legacy Systems at the Redstone Arsenal on June 5-7, 2001.

May 2001 - Special Report Spiral Development and Evolutionary Acquisition

Topics: Acquisition Support

DoD Instruction 5000.2 introduced innovations throughout the acquisition cycle. To address this, a workshop was held September 2000. This 2001 report summarizes the workshop and presents its recommendations.

July 2000 - Special Report Spiral Development - Building the Culture: A Report on the CSE-SEI Workshop, February, 2000

This report summarizes the CSE/SEI February 2000 SDM workshop and presents its recommendations.

January 2000 - Technical Report Construction and Deployment Scripts for COTS-Based, Open Source Systems

Topics: System of Systems

Authors: Fred Hansen

This report details the construction/deployment scripts for GEE (generic enterprise ensemble), a prototypical three-tier information system incorporating a number of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.