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Will Hayes
February 2018 - Podcast How Risk Management Fits into Agile & DevOps in Government

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management

In this podcast, Eileen Wrubel, technical lead for the SEI's Agile-in-Government program leads a roundtable discussion into how Agile, DevOps, and the Risk Management Framework can work together.

November 2017 - Webinar Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

Authors: Will Hayes

Watch this webcast to gain insights into effective metrics programs in government settings.

October 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Cadence in Agile Development

Authors: Will Hayes

Watch Will Hayes in this Cyber Minute as he discusses using practices like continuous integration and a common code base, which help teams focus on getting the work done.

September 2017 - Presentation Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics

Authors: Will Hayes

This webinar provides insights into effective metrics programs in government settings where an Agile approach is used for development and sustainment of software-reliant systems.

August 2017 - Podcast Scaling Agile Methods

In this podcast, Will Hayes and Eileen Wrubel present five perspectives on scaling Agile from leading thinkers in the field, including Scott Ambler, Steve Messenger, Craig Larman, Jeff Sutherland, and Dean Leffingwell.

March 2017 - Presentation A Tale of Two (Agile) Programs

The SEI has worked with several government programs that are adopting Agile and Lean engineering approaches. In this presentation, we provide insights into two distinct patterns of adoption that we have seen in our work.

March 2017 - Presentation Agile in Government: A Research Agenda for Agile Software Development

The SEI team working with Agile in government has built a rich narrative of Agile implementation experiences and now works with an extensive network of collaborators on fundamental research questions that dive deep into cause-and-effect mechanisms.

March 2017 - Webinar 5 Things You Need to Know About Leading a Successful Large IT Modernization Project

In this webinar, we discuss topics to consider when planning a large modernization project and share mitigation strategies for executing the modernization effort.

December 2016 - Technical Note Scaling Agile Methods for Department of Defense Programs

Topics: Acquisition Support

This report discusses methods for scaling Agile processes to larger software development programs in the Department of Defense.

November 2015 - Presentation Scaling Agile Methods for Major Defense Programs: Frameworks and Methods in Use Today

This presentation addresses what is meant by scaling, contextual drivers for implementation choices, and the agile frameworks available for use today.

November 2015 - Presentation A Defect Prioritization Method Based on the Risk Priority Number

This presentation presents a defect-prioritization method based on a risk priority number, which will help program offices establish priorities for updating systems.

November 2015 - Presentation Implementing Product Development Flow: The Key to Managing Large Scale Agile Development

Authors: Will Hayes

In this presentation, you will learn about the sound principles and engineering-minded tradeoffs that occur when agile methods are applied successfully.

May 2015 - Podcast Defect Prioritization With the Risk Priority Number

Topics: Acquisition Support, Vulnerability Analysis

In this podcast, Will Hayes and Julie Cohen discuss a generalized technique that could be used with any type of system to assist the program office in addressing and resolving the conflicting views and creating a better value system for defining releases.

December 2014 - Webinar Risk Priority Number (RPN) – A Method for Software Defect Report Analysis

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Risk and Opportunity Management

This webinar will explain the component used in RPN and how it can help a program select between competing defects to best utilize constrained resources to help lower overall system risk.

September 2014 - Podcast Agile Metrics

Topics: Acquisition Support

In this podcast Will Hayes and Suzanne Miller discuss research intended to aid U. S. Department of Defense acquisition professionals in the use of Agile software development methods.

January 2014 - Technical Note Agile Metrics: Progress Monitoring of Agile Contractors

This technical note offers a reference for those working to oversee software development on the acquisition of major systems from developers using Agile methods.

November 2013 - White Paper A Defect Prioritization Method Based on the Risk Priority Number

Topics: Acquisition Support

This paper describes a technique that helps organizations address and resolve conflicting views and create a better value system for defining releases.

June 2010 - Webinar SCAMPI v1.3: Sampling

Topics: CMMI, Process Improvement

Authors: Will Hayes

In this second webinar about SCAMPI v1.3, the SCAMPI Upgrade Team will be sharing detailed information about the scoping and sampling process designed for the method upgrade.

March 2010 - Webinar SCAMPI v1.3 Changes

Topics: CMMI, Process Improvement

Authors: Will Hayes

In this 2010 webinar, Will Hayes discusses the major technical changes anticipated in SCAMPI v1.3 and provides insights about present challenges and future improvements to SCAMPI.

March 2007 - Presentation High Maturity Misconceptions: Common Misinterpretations of CMMI Maturity Levels 4 and 5

Topics: CMMI

Authors: Will Hayes

This presentation provides information about CMMI maturity levels 4 and 5 and seeks to clear up misconceptions about the implementation of process areas at higher maturity levels.

January 2007 - Presentation High Maturity: How Do We Know?

Topics: CMMI, Measurement and Analysis

This presentation provides an overview of material also available in the Understanding CMMI High Maturity Practices course offered by the SEI.

December 2005 - Handbook Handbook for Conducting Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) B and C Appraisals, Version 1.1

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI

This 2005 document defines the boundaries of tailoring and provides guidance for the application of the SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C methods.

October 2005 - Presentation High Maturity/Capability Appraisals

Topics: CMMI

Authors: Will Hayes

This tutorial provides guidance on how to understand and interpret "high maturity" and "high capability" practices.

March 2005 - Book CMMI SCAMPI Distilled: Appraisals for Process Improvement

Topics: CMMI, Process Improvement

This book outlines the role of appraisals as part of a comprehensive approach to process improvement, demonstrating how SCAMPI integrates with other models and methods.

February 2005 - Special Report Interpreting SCAMPI for a People CMM Appraisal at Tata Consultancy Services

Topics: Process Improvement, People CMM

This 2005 report includes the draft interpretation guide used for four mini-appraisal pilots and the final enterprise-wide Class A appraisal at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

March 2004 - Presentation SCAMPI B&C Tutorial: SEPG 2004

Topics: CMMI

This presentation is an overview of the SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C appraisal methods.

January 2003 - Presentation A Family of SCAMPI Appraisal Methods

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides an overview of the SCAMPI appraisal method.

November 2001 - Technical Note Experiences in Implementing Measurement Programs

Topics: Measurement and Analysis

This 2001 report describes lessons learned at several organizations that have implemented measurement programs using the Goal-Driven Software Measurement methodology.

December 1997 - Technical Report The Personal Software Process (PSP): An Empirical Study of the Impact of PSP on Individual Engineers

This 1997 report documents the results of a study that is important to everyone who manages or develops software. The study examines the impact of the Personal Software Process (PSP) on the performance of 298 software engineers.

August 1995 - Technical Report Moving On Up: Data and Experience Doing CMM-Based Process Improvement

An analysis of Software Process Assessment results from 48 organizations undertaking 2 or more assessments is presented in this report.

June 1994 - Special Report Maturity Questionnaire

This 1994 report contains the software process maturity questionnaire and is intended for those who are performing and learning about software process appraisals.

March 1994 - Technical Report Interim Profile Development and Trial of a Method to Rapidly Measure Software Engineering Maturity Status

This 1994 report provides information about the process used to develop the method for diagnosing software process maturity.