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Alan R. Hevner (University of South Florida)
December 2005 - Technical Note The CERT Function Extraction Experiment: Quantifying FX Impact on Software Comprehension and Verification

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering

In this report, the authors describe an experiment comparing traditional methods of comprehension with automated behavior computation using an FX prototype.

December 2005 - Technical Report Results of SEI Independent Research and Development Projects and Report on Emerging Technologies and Technology Trends (FY2005)

This report describes the IR&D projects that were conducted during fiscal year 2005 (October 2004 through September 2005). In addition, this report provides information on what the SEI has learned in its role as a technology scout for developments over the past year in the field of software engineering.

July 2005 - Technical Report The Impact of Function Extraction Technology on Next-Generation Software Engineering

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering

In this 2005 report, the authors summarize FX research and development and investigates the impact of FX on software engineering.

June 2002 - Technical Note Flow-Service-Quality (FSQ) Engineering: Foundations for Network System Analysis and Development

Topics: Network Situational Awareness

In this 2002 report, the authors describe Flow-Service-Quality engineering, an emerging technology for management, acquisition, and more.

April 1999 - Special Report Perceived Control of Software Developers and Its Impact on the Successful Diffusion of Information Technology

The purpose of this 1998 study is to better understand the technical and behavioral issues that are important in diffusing innovative software development techniques into practice.