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Scott Hissam
December 2016 - White Paper Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: Socio-adaptive Systems

Topics: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

Ultra-large-scale systems are interdependent webs of software, people, policies, and economics. In socio-adaptive systems, human and software interact as peers.

December 2016 - White Paper Cyber-Physical Systems

Topics: Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) integrate computational algorithms and physical components. SEI promotes efficient development of high-confidence, distributed CPS.

December 2016 - White Paper Predictability by Construction

Topics: Process Improvement

Predictability by construction (PBC) makes the behavior of a component-based system predictable before implementation, based on known properties of components.

September 2016 - Conference Paper Input Attribution for Statistical Model Checking using Logistic Regression

In this conference paper, the authors describe an approach to Statistical Model Checking (SMC). This paper is part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series.

September 2015 - Conference Paper High Assurance for Distributed Cyber Physical Systems

This short paper introduces our architecture and approach to engineering a DART system so that we achieve high assurance in its runtime behavior against a set of formally specified requirements.

June 2013 - Special Report Socio-Adaptive Systems Challenge Problems Workshop Report

Topics: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

This report presents a summary of the findings of the Socio-Adaptive Systems Challenge Problem Workshop, held in Pittsburgh, PA, on April 12-13, 2012.

October 2012 - Technical Report Resource Allocation in Dynamic Environments

Topics: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

When warfighting missions are conducted in a dynamic environment, the allocation of resources needed for mission operation can change from moment to moment. This report addresses two challenges of resource allocation in dynamic environments: overstatement of resource needs and unpredictable network availability.

December 2010 - Technical Report Adaptive Flow Control for Enabling Quality of Service in Tactical Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Topics: Software Architecture

The network infrastructure for users such as emergency responders or warfighters is wireless, ad hoc, mobile, and lacking in sufficient bandwidth. This report documents the results from 18 experiments to investigate Adaptive Quality of Service, an approach to enable applications to fulfill their missions despite tactical network infrastructure limitations.

January 2007 - Book Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software

Topics: System of Systems

This book examines specific aspects of F/OSS in a way that is both scientifically rigorous and highly relevant to real-world managerial and technical concerns.

September 2006 - Technical Note Certifying the Absence of Buffer Overflows

Topics: Software Assurance

In this report, the authors present a technique for certifying the safety of buffer manipulations in C programs.

December 2005 - White Paper Precise Buffer Overflow Detection via Model Checking

In this paper, the authors present an automated overflow detection technique based on model checking and iterative refinement.

August 2005 - Technical Note Using Containers to Enforce Smart Constraints for Performance in Industrial Systems

This technical note shows how smart constraints can be embedded in software infrastructure, so that systems conforming to those constraints are predictable by construction.

April 2005 - Technical Note Pin Component Technology (V1.0) and Its C Interface

This 2005 report describes the main concepts of Pin and documents the C-language interface to Pin V1.0.

September 2004 - Technical Report Performance Property Theories for Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC)

This report develops a queueing-theoretic solution to predict, for a real-time system, the average-case latency of aperiodic tasks managed by a sporadic server.

July 2004 - Technical Note A Model Problem for an Open Robotics Controller

This report describes the model problem created to support the continued enhancement and development of the PECT reasoning frameworks for an industrial trial in the domain of industrial robotics.

September 2003 - Technical Report Predictable Assembly of Substation Automation Systems: An Experiment Report, Second Edition

This 2003 report describes the results of an exploratory PECT prototype for substation automation, an application area in the domain of power generation, transmission, and management.

June 2003 - Technical Note The Software Engineering Institute's Second Workshop on Predictable Assembly: Landscape of Compositional Predictability

To further its work in predictable assembly focusing on compositional reasoning techniques, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) held its second Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC) Workshop on January 10-11, 2003.

December 2002 - Technical Note PECT Infrastructure: A Rough Sketch

This 2002 paper investigates the nature of PECT infrastructures, summarizes the activities that a PECT infrastructure should support, and proposes a design for the tools that make up a PECT infrastructure.

October 2002 - Technical Report SEI Independent Research and Development Projects

This report describes the IR&D projects that were conducted during fiscal year 2002 (October 2001 through September 2002).

November 2001 - Technical Report Perspectives on Open Source Software

Topics: System of Systems

This 2001 report summarizes the results of a study of the benefits of pitfalls of using open source software.

November 2001 - Technical Report Packaging Predictable Assembly with Prediction-Enabled Component Technology

This report describes the major structures of a PECT. It then discusses the means of validating the predictive powers of a PECT so that consumers may obtain measurably bounded trust in design-time predictions.

July 2001 - Book Building Systems from Commercial Components

Topics: Predictability by Construction, Secure Coding

This book describes specific engineering practices needed to integrate preexisting components with preexisting specifications successfully, illustrating the techniques described with case studies and examples.

July 1999 - Technical Note Securing Internet Sessions with Sorbet

To secure communications media connections, mechanisms must be built on top of the underlying facilities. This 1999 report discusses one such security mechanism and describes an implementation using CORBA-based interceptors.

July 1999 - Technical Note Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Architecture

Topics: System of Systems

This report compares GEE-based solutions and off-the-shelf solutions based on the EJB specification.

April 1999 - Technical Note COTS in the Real World: A Case Study in Risk Discovery and Repair

Topics: System of Systems

This report describes the investigations that were performed to determine how well selected commercial components met the mission needs of a DoD project.

March 1999 - Technical Note Into the Black Box: A Case Study in Obtaining Visibility into Commercial Software

Topics: System of Systems

This 1999 report describes what we did to gain insight into Netscape's Communicator databases, the internal formats of the databases, and the password and encryption schemes used in the key3.db database.

September 1998 - White Paper DoD Security Needs and COTS-Based Systems

Topics: System of Systems

This monograph offers a "heads-up" to decision makers who are building information systems that have security constraints, who feel the market imperatives, and who want to make opportunistic use of what the market has to offer.

August 1998 - Technical Report Browsers for Distributed Systems: Universal Paradigm or Siren's Song?

This report examines the technical issues relevant to incorporating web browsers as a component of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) -based solution.

August 1998 - Technical Report Agora: A Search Engine for Software Components

This 1998 report documents Agora, a software prototype that was developed by the SEI to create an automatically generated and indexed database of software products classified by component model.

February 1998 - White Paper Isolating Faults in Complex COTS-Based Systems

Topics: System of Systems

This monograph provides an overview of a method for isolating and overcoming faults in COTS-based systems.

September 1997 - White Paper Case Study: Correcting System Failure in a COTS Information System (Monograph)

Topics: System of Systems

Authors: Scott Hissam

This monograph provides an in-depth technical study about a COTS-based information system made up of several commercial components.