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James Ivers
May 2011 - Presentation Evaluating a Partial Architecture in a ULS Context

This presentation from SATURN 2011 discusses the application of architectural principles to analyzing an architectural landscape.

October 2010 - Book Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond, Second Edition

Topics: Software Architecture

This book provides the most complete and current guidance on how to capture a software architecture in a commonly understandable form.

October 2007 - Presentation Model-Driven Construction of Certified Binaries

Sagar Chaki and others describe in this presentation an implementation of the approach that targets the Pin component technology, and presents experimental results on a collection of benchmarks.

September 2007 - Technical Report Certified Binaries for Software Components

Topics: Software Assurance

In this report, the authors present an approach to certify binary code against expressive policies to achieve the benefits of PCC and CMC.

September 2005 - Technical Note Lessons Learned Model Checking an Industrial Communications Library

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: James Ivers

This 2005 report describes the application of a reasoning framework to the design of an industrial communications library and the problems that were found.

August 2005 - Presentation The ComFoRT Reasoning Framework

Presented: August 2005

July 2005 - White Paper The ComFoRT Reasoning Framework

Model checking is a promising technology for verifying critical behavior of software. However, software model checking is hamstrung by scalability issues and is difficult for software engineers to use directly. ComFoRT addresses both of these challenges.

July 2005 - Technical Report Reasoning Frameworks

Topics: Software Architecture

This report describes a vehicle for encapsulating the quality attribute knowledge needed to understand a system's quality behavior as a reasoning framework that can be used by nonexperts.

June 2005 - Presentation CCL in Pictures

Presented: June 2005

April 2005 - Technical Note Pin Component Technology (V1.0) and Its C Interface

This 2005 report describes the main concepts of Pin and documents the C-language interface to Pin V1.0.

April 2004 - Technical Note Overview of ComFoRT: A Model Checking Reasoning Framework

This 2004 report describes ComFoRT, a reasoning framework that packages the effectiveness of state-of-the-art model checking in a form that enables users to apply the analysis technique without being experts in its use, and its incorporation in a PECT.

April 2004 - Technical Report Documenting Component and Connector Views with UML 2.0

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2004 report explores how changes in UML 2.0 affect UML's suitability for documenting component and connector views.

September 2003 - Technical Report Predictable Assembly of Substation Automation Systems: An Experiment Report, Second Edition

This 2003 report describes the results of an exploratory PECT prototype for substation automation, an application area in the domain of power generation, transmission, and management.

July 2003 - White Paper Preserving Real Concurrency

In this 2003 whitepaper, the authors make use of information provided by components and extracted from static assembly topologies to faithfully model real concurrency. The result is more effective analysis.

July 2003 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architectures in an Agile World

Topics: Software Architecture

This report compares the Software Engineering Institute's Views and Beyond approach for documenting software architectures with the documentation philosophy embodied in agile software-development methods.

June 2003 - Technical Note Snapshot of CCL: A Language for Predictable Assembly

This 2003 report presents a snapshot of the construction and composition language (CCL) by examining a small example CCL specification.

December 2002 - Technical Note PECT Infrastructure: A Rough Sketch

This 2002 paper investigates the nature of PECT infrastructures, summarizes the activities that a PECT infrastructure should support, and proposes a design for the tools that make up a PECT infrastructure.

September 2002 - Technical Note A Basis for Composition Language CL

This report describes the composition language CL and its rudimentary graphical syntax, and defines and illustrates the compositional semantics for CL using Hoare's CSP.

June 2002 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Interfaces

Topics: Software Architecture

This report provides guidance for documenting the interfaces to software elements.

January 2002 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Behavior

Topics: Software Architecture

This report describes ways to document the behavior of systems, subsystems, and components of software architecture.

August 2001 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architectures: Organization of Documentation Package

Topics: Software Architecture

This comprehensive handbook outlines how to produce high-quality documentation for software architectures.

May 2001 - Special Report SEI Workshop on Software Architecture Representation, 16-17 January 2001

Topics: Software Architecture

This report summarizes the discussions from the 2001 Architecture Representation Workshop, where five leading software architects and practitioners were invited to discuss aspects of the architecture representation with senior members of the SEI technical staff.

March 2000 - Special Report Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting Architectural Layers

Topics: Software Architecture

The 2000 report lays out our approach and organization for the book-in-planning titled Software Architecture Documentation in Practice, and provides guidance for the layer diagram.