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Kristi Keeler
October 2005 - Special Report U.S. Army Acquisition: The Program Office Perspective

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Kristi Keeler

This report documents the results of the interviews conducted during BFI engagements. These results are of interest to Program Executive Office staffs, Program Management Office staffs, and Department of Army staffs that are involved in acquisition.

August 2005 - Technical Note Self-Assessment and the CMMI-AM—A Guide for Government Program Managers

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI, Acquisition Support

This 2005 report provides program managers with general information about the CMMI-AM, details about the self-assessment technique, and the questions used in a self-assessment.

April 2005 - Technical Note Robustness Testing of Software-Intensive Systems: Explanation and Guide

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2005 technical note provides guidance and procedures for performing robustness testing as part of DoD or federal acquisition programs that have a software component.