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Aaron Volkmann
November 2018 - Webinar Five Ways to Boost Cybersecurity with DevOps

In this webcast, Doug Reynolds and Aaron Volkmann discuss key DevOps principles, including cross-team collaboration, task automation, tool integration, continuous integration and deployment, and continuous monitoring.

October 2018 - Technical Report Composing Effective Software Security Assurance Workflows

Topics: Software Assurance, Process Improvement, Performance and Dependability

In an effort to determine how to make secure software development more cost effective, the SEI conducted a research study to empirically measure the effects that security tools—primarily automated static analysis tools—had on costs and benefits.

April 2018 - Presentation Implementing DevOps Practices in Highly Regulated Environments

In this paper, the authors layout the process with insights on performing a DevOps assessment in a highly regulated environment.

September 2016 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Secure DevOps

Authors: Aaron Volkmann

Aaron Volkmann discusses "Secure Devops."

November 2015 - Presentation Busting Silos & Red Tape: DevOps in Federal Government

Authors: Aaron Volkmann

In this presentation, the authors describe how they helped shift a government stakeholder's thinking through coaching and initiating DevOps in the organization's operational and development environments.

August 2015 - Webinar Culture Shock: Unlocking DevOps with Collaboration and Communication

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering

Watch a discussion about ways to shift organizational culture to achieve DevOps. We highlighted communication tools and movements, such as ChatOps.