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David Kitson
March 2009 - Special Report An Initial Comparative Analysis of the CMMI Version 1.2 Development Constellation and the ISO 9000 Family

Topics: CMMI, Process Improvement

A preliminary, high-level comparison of the CMMI Development constellation and the ISO 9001:2000 family of process improvement standards.

July 2006 - Presentation The CMMI Product Suite and International Standards

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides information on CMMI's synergy with other international standards, such as ISO/IEC 15504.

November 2003 - Presentation The SCAMPI Appraisal Method: Top Ten Misperceptions

Topics: CMMI

Authors: David Kitson

This presentation details tem common misperceptions about the SCAMPI appraisal method.

January 2003 - Presentation A Family of SCAMPI Appraisal Methods

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides an overview of the SCAMPI appraisal method.

July 1992 - Technical Report An Analysis of SEI Software Process Assessment Results 1987-1991

This report focuses on the results of SEI software process assessments conducted over a four year period beginning in 1987.

December 1991 - Technical Report A Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Software Process Maturity

This 1991 report characterizes the software processes used by U.S. and Japanese software managers and practitioners.

December 1989 - Technical Report The Role of Assessment in Software Process Improvement

This 1989 report discusses the role of assessment in improving an organization's software capabilities; specifically, the ability of the organization's projects to consistently meet cost, schedule, and quality objectives.

February 1989 - Technical Report The State of Software Engineering Practice: A Preliminary Report

This 1989 report provides an overview of the process framework and assessment approach, describes assessment results obtained to date, and discusses implications of the current state of the practice for customers and suppliers of DoD software.

February 1989 - Technical Report Conducting SEI-Assisted Software Process Assessments

This report describes software process assessment as it is performed in organizations with the assistance of the SEI.

July 1987 - Technical Report Preliminary Report on Conducting SEI-Assisted Assessments of Software Engineering

This 1987 report provides guidance on creating the proper environment for a meaningful assessment and prescribes effective use of the assessment instrument.