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Reed Little
December 2012 - White Paper A Framework for Software Product Line Practice, Version 5.0

Topics: Software Architecture, Software Product Lines

This document describes the activities and practices in which an organization must be competent before it can benefit from fielding a product line of software systems.

October 2010 - Book Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond, Second Edition

Topics: Software Architecture

This book provides the most complete and current guidance on how to capture a software architecture in a commonly understandable form.

July 2003 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architectures in an Agile World

Topics: Software Architecture

This report compares the Software Engineering Institute's Views and Beyond approach for documenting software architectures with the documentation philosophy embodied in agile software-development methods.

March 2003 - Technical Note A Federation Object Model (FOM) Flexible Federate Framework

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2003 report describes an approach to designing a domain framework that encapsulates expertise in developing an HLA federate by hiding RTI internal operations from the developer.

June 2002 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Interfaces

Topics: Software Architecture

This report provides guidance for documenting the interfaces to software elements.

January 2002 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architecture: Documenting Behavior

Topics: Software Architecture

This report describes ways to document the behavior of systems, subsystems, and components of software architecture.

August 2001 - Technical Note Documenting Software Architectures: Organization of Documentation Package

Topics: Software Architecture

This comprehensive handbook outlines how to produce high-quality documentation for software architectures.

May 2001 - Special Report SEI Workshop on Software Architecture Representation, 16-17 January 2001

Topics: Software Architecture

This report summarizes the discussions from the 2001 Architecture Representation Workshop, where five leading software architects and practitioners were invited to discuss aspects of the architecture representation with senior members of the SEI technical staff.

March 2000 - Special Report Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting Architectural Layers

Topics: Software Architecture

The 2000 report lays out our approach and organization for the book-in-planning titled Software Architecture Documentation in Practice, and provides guidance for the layer diagram.

July 1998 - Technical Report Software Acquisition Improvement Framework (SAIF) Definition

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 1998 document discusses rationale behind the need for the Software Acquisition Improvement Framework (SAIF), the elements constituting the SAIF, and the intended operational usage of the SAIF.

December 1989 - Special Report Recommendations from the AIA/SEI Workshop on Research Advances Required for Real-Time Software Systems in the 1990s

This report summarizes the discussions held at a 1989 workshop to facilitate communication between implementers of future software-critical large systems and those who sponsor or perform software-related research.

May 1988 - Technical Report Serpent Runtime Architecture and Dialogue Model

This 1988 report describes the runtime architecture and dialogue model of the Serpent User Interface Management System (UIMS).

March 1988 - Technical Report Introduction to the Serpent User Interface Management System

This 1988 report provides an overview of Serpent, its components and the editor used to construct the user interface.