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Christopher May
March 2019 - Webinar Helping You Reach the Next Level of Security - 6 Free Tools for Creating a Cyber Simulator

Topics: Workforce Development

Throughout this talk, our team of researchers and engineers discuss the solutions we developed to help achieve a new level of realism in simulated cyber environments.

February 2017 - Video CYBER LEAPfwd (Learning & Experience Acceleration Platform)

Topics: Workforce Development

Authors: Christopher May

Watch Chris May in this Cyber Minute as he discusses "CYBER LEAPfwd", a new educational platform aimed at the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

January 2016 - Article CYBURGH, PA: Solving the Workforce Shortfall in Cybersecurity

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management, Workforce Development

Authors: Christopher May

In this teQ Magazine article, Chris May discusses how the cybersecurity workforce shortage hampers our ability to deal with cyberattacks and data breaches.

October 2015 - Presentation Human Factors Session Opening Remarks

Authors: Christopher May

Critical issues include mission readiness certification, limitations of capacity to analyze large data sets, leaks of sensitive and classified information

August 2013 - Webinar Developing Your Cyber Workforce

Topics: Workforce Development

Authors: Christopher May

In this 2013 webinar, Chris May discusses ways to research and develop solutions approaching the cyber workforce development challenge.

December 2010 - Technical Report The CERT Approach to Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Topics: Workforce Development

This report describes a model commonly used for developing and maintaining a competent cybersecurity workforce, explains some operational limitations associated with that model, and presents a new approach to cybersecurity workforce development.

February 2009 - Podcast Better Incident Response Through Scenario Based Training

Topics: Incident Management

In this podcast, Christopher May explains how teams are better prepared to respond to incidents if realistic, hands-on training is part of their normal routine.

September 2006 - Handbook Defense-in-Depth: Foundations for Secure and Resilient Enterprises

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management

In this handbook, the authors provide the definitive collection of materials from the 2006 Defense-in-Depth Foundational Curriculum course.

March 2004 - Handbook Advanced Information Assurance Handbook

Topics: Network Situational Awareness, Software Assurance

This handbook helps technical staff members who are charged with administering and securing information systems and networks.