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Timur D. Snoke
September 2018 - Podcast How to Be a Network Traffic Analyst

Topics: Digital Intelligence and Investigation

Tim Shimeall and Timur Snoke, researchers in the SEI’s CERT Division, examine the role of the network traffic analyst in capturing and evaluating ever-increasing volumes of network data.

May 2017 - Podcast NTP Best Practices

Topics: Cyber-Physical Systems

Authors: Timur D. Snoke

In this podcast, Timur Snoke explores the challenges of NTP and prescribes some best practices for securing accurate time with this protocol.

January 2015 - Presentation Approaching Intelligent Analysis for Attribution and Tracking the Lifecycle of Threats

Authors: Timur D. Snoke

In this presentation, Timur Snoke proposes combining the threat assessment native to the Cyber Kill Chain and the attribution capability of the Diamond model.

January 2014 - Poster The Routing Table Tool Suite (RT-Tools): Mapping the Internet One Route at a Time or All Routes at One Time

Topics: Network Situational Awareness

Authors: Timur D. Snoke

This poster describes the Routing Table Tool Suite (RT-Tool), which displays AS network traffic based on the path analysis of aggregate routing tables.