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Joseph D. Yankel
January 2018 - Webinar Is Software Spoiling Us?

Have software's repeated successes, and the assumption that they will continue endlessly, discounted perceptions of its importance among leadership in civilian government, national defense, and national security organizations?

November 2015 - Webinar DevOps Panel Discussion

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering

CERT researchers discuss DevOps and its relationship to cybersecurity and the dynamic threat.

October 2014 - Conference Paper Continuous System and User Documentation Integration

This paper describes a process that produces PDF, HTML, and Word-based documentation from multiple authors and integrates it with an existing automated build system.

October 2014 - Conference Paper Modern DevOps: Optimizing Software Development Through Effective System Interactions

This paper discusses using DevOps to meet the challenges of project team communication and ensuring real-time communications in software development projects.