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Ira Monarch
March 2009 - Presentation An Innovative Requirements Solution: Combining Six Sigma KJ Language Data Analysis With Automated Content Analysis

Topics: Acquisition Support

This March 2009 presentation, An Innovative Requirements Solution, was presented by Ira Monarch, Dennis Goldenson, and Robert W. Stoddard at SEPG North America 2009.

September 2008 - Technical Report Requirements and Their Impact Downstream: Improving Causal Analysis Processes Through Measurement and Analysis of Textual Information

Topics: Process Improvement, Measurement and Analysis

Requirements documents, test procedures, and problem and change reports from a U. S. Army Software Engineering Center (SEC) were analyzed to identify, clarify, and begin categorizing recurring patterns of issues raised throughout the product life cycle.

March 2008 - Presentation Tailoring and Combining the CMMI-ACQ and Quality Models to Improve the Military’s Requirements Process

Topics: Acquisition Support

This presentation was delivered by Ira Monarch, Dennis Goldenson, Peter Capell, and Jim Wessel at SEPG 2008, held in Tampa, Florida from March 17-20.

March 2006 - Presentation Integrating Warfighter-Driven System-of-Systems Integration Into the Acquisition Life Cycle

Topics: Acquisition Support

This presentation was delivered at the Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC): Transforming: Business, Security, Warfighting, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, from 1-4 May 2006.

March 2005 - Technical Report Including Interoperability in the Acquisition Process

Topics: Acquisition Support, System of Systems

This 2005 report explores achieving interoperability in the acquisition process.

January 2004 - Presentation Why Not Network Centric Acquisition?

Topics: Acquisition Support

"Why Not Network Centric Acquisition?" was delivered by Kathryn Ambrose, Stephen Blanchette, Jr., Ira Monarch, and Frank Sisti at the Conference on Acquisition of Software Intensive Systems on January 28, 2004.

October 2002 - Technical Report SEI Independent Research and Development Projects

This report describes the IR&D projects that were conducted during fiscal year 2002 (October 2001 through September 2002).

March 1996 - Technical Report An Evolutionary Perspective of Software Engineering Research Through Co-Word Analysis

This 1995 study applies various tools, techniques, and methods that the SEI is evaluating for analyzing information being produced at a very rapid rate in the discipline.

October 1995 - Technical Report An Experiment in Software Development Risk Information Analysis

This report summarizes the results of an experiment that uses terminological structures derived from the application of K-SAV technology to textual data from the SERR resident at the SEI.

June 1993 - Technical Report Taxonomy-Based Risk Identification

This 1993 report describes a method for facilitating the systematic and repeatable identification of risks associated with the development of a software-dependent project.