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Ray Obenza
November 2001 - Special Report Army Workshop on Lessons Learned from Software Upgrade Programs

Authors: John K. Bergey, Matt Fisher, Caroline P. Graettinger, Fred Hansen, Ray Obenza, Dennis B. Smith, Halbert Stevens, William Anderson

This report summarizes the results of the SEI-sponsored Software Upgrade Workshop for Legacy Systems at the Redstone Arsenal on June 5-7, 2001.

April 1994 - Educational Material Rate Monotonic Analysis for Real-Time Systems: Instructor's Guide

Topics: Performance and Dependability

Authors: Ruth Ravenel, Ray Obenza

This report helps instructors teach rate monotonic analysis (RMA) to graduate and undergraduate software, computer, and electrical engineering students.

August 1993 - Book A Practitioner's Handbook for Real-Time Analysis: Guide to Rate Monotonic Analysis for Real-Time Systems

Topics: System of Systems

Authors: Michael Harbour, Mark H. Klein, Ray Obenza, Bill Pollak, Tom Ralya

This book contains a collection of quantitative methods that enable real-time systems developers to understand, analyze, and predict the timing behavior of many real-time systems.