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Steve Palmquist
November 2015 - Presentation The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) and the Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System (IFTDSS)

Authors: Steve Palmquist, John H. Cissel (Joint Fire Science Program)

This presentation describes how the interagency Joint Fire Science Program developed and assessed the Interagency Fuel Treatment Decision Support System to meet the needs of the wildland fire community for fuel-treatment planning.

October 2013 - Technical Note Parallel Worlds: Agile and Waterfall Differences and Similarities

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Steve Palmquist, Mary Ann Lapham, Suzanne Garcia-Miller, Timothy A. Chick, Ipek Ozkaya

This report helps readers understand Agile. The report assembles terms and concepts from both the traditional world of waterfall-based development and the Agile environment to show the many similarities and differences.

March 2003 - Technical Note DoD Architecture Framework and Software Architecture Workshop Report

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: William G. Wood, Lyn Uzzle, John Weiler, Art Krummenoehl, Mario R. Barbacci, Paul C. Clements, Steve Palmquist, Huei-Wan Ang, Loring Bernhardt, Fatma Dandashi, David Emery, Sarah Sheard

This report summarizes the activities of the Workshop on the Department of the 2003 Defense Architecture Framework and Software Architecture workshop.