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Robert E. Park
April 1997 - Handbook Practical Software Measurement: Measuring for Process Management and Improvement

This 1997 report shows how well-established principles and methods for evaluating and controlling process performance can be applied in software settings to achieve an organization's business and technical goals.

August 1996 - Handbook Goal-Driven Software Measurement: A Guidebook

Authors: Robert E. Park

The materials in this 1996 guidebook are designed to help you identify, select, define, and implement software measures to support your business goals.

January 1995 - Special Report A Manager's Checklist for Validating Software Cost and Schedule Estimates

Authors: Robert E. Park

This 1995 report provides a checklist of questions to ask and evidence to look for when assessing the credibility of a software cost and schedule estimate.

January 1995 - Special Report Checklists and Criteria for Evaluating the Cost and Schedule Estimating Capabilities of Software Organizations

Authors: Robert E. Park

This report provides criteria and checklists for evaluating the capability of an organization's software estimating process and the infrastructure that supports it.

May 1994 - Special Report Software Cost and Schedule Estimating: A Process Improvement Initiative

This 1994 report describes efforts that have been initiated by the SEI to improve the practice of software cost and schedule estimating.

September 1992 - Technical Report Software Measurement for DoD Systems: Recommendations for Initial Core Measures

This 1992 report presents recommendations for a basic set of software measures that Department of Defense (DoD) organizations can use to help plan and manage the acquisition, development, and support of software systems.

September 1992 - Technical Report Software Size Measurement: A Framework for Counting Source Statements

Authors: Robert E. Park

This 1992 report presents guidelines for defining, recording, and reporting frequently used measures of software size: physical source lines and logical source statements.