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James M. Perry
January 1992 - Special Report A Reuse-Based Software Development Methodology

This 1992 paper outlines the direction and progress of reuse-based software development methodology.

November 1988 - Technical Report Experiment Planning for Software Development: Redevelopment Experiment

In 1988, the SEI's ARSC Project investigated the impacts of software reuse on software development process and products. This document reports on the experiment design and data collection effort of this project.

September 1988 - Technical Report Phase I Testbed Description: Requirements and Selection Guidelines

In 1988, the SEI's Application of Reusable Software Components Project constructed a reuse testbed, in which to conduct experiments. This document contains the requirements and selection criteria for the testbed hardware, software, reusable resources, and an environment.

September 1988 - Technical Report Perspective on Software Reuse

Topics: Software Product Lines

Authors: James M. Perry

This report presents a perspective on software reuse in the context of "ideal" software development capabilities.