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Linda Pesante
October 2001 - White Paper 2001 Tech Tip: Managing the Threat of Denial-of-Service Attacks

Topics: Vulnerability Analysis

In this 2001 paper, the authors describe the then-current situation regarding denial-of-service (DOS) attacks and ways of addressing the problem.

January 2001 - White Paper 2001 Tech Tip: Using PGP to Verify Digital Signatures

This white paper discusses how to use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) to verify digital signatures.

January 1997 - Special Report Report to the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

This 1997 report identifies threats to and vulnerabilities of the Internet and estimates the cascade effect that a successful, sustained attack on the Internet would have on the critical national infrastructures set out in Executive Order 13010.

May 1990 - Curriculum Module Technical Writing for Software Engineers

This module, which is directed specifically to software engineers, discusses the writing process in the context of software engineering.