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Larry Rogers
September 2017 - Video SEI Cyber Minute: Cyber Investigator Certificate Program

Authors: Larry Rogers

With an ever increasing number of crimes with a cyber component, the need for investigators who have been trained the ways of the Internet, encryption, and social media, to name a few, is growing and will continue to grow.

August 2008 - Technical Note Computer Forensics: Results of Live Response Inquiry vs. Memory Image Analysis

Topics: Digital Intelligence and Investigation, Incident Management

In this 2008 report, the authors compare various approaches and tools used to capture and analyze evidence from computer memory.

March 2007 - Podcast A New Look at the Business of IT Education

System administrators increasingly need business savvy in addition to technical skills, and IT training courses must try to keep pace with this trend.

January 2005 - Presentation Home Computer and Internet User Security

Authors: Larry Rogers

This presentation on home computer and Internet user security guides participants on how to improve the security of their home computer in a technology independent manner.

May 2004 - Technical Note Survivable Functional Units: Balancing an Enterprise's Mission and Technology

Topics: Network Situational Awareness

Authors: Larry Rogers

In this 2004 report, Larry Rogers describes enterprise networks in a way that helps system administrators see how technology supports the enterprise's mission.

April 2004 - Presentation Building a Practical Framework for Enterprise-Wide Security Management

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management

In this presentation, the authors describe a practical framework for enterprise-wide security management as developed by the CERT Division.

November 1998 - Technical Report rlogin(1): The Untold Story

Authors: Larry Rogers

Members of the CERT/CC have analyzed coding defects with the goalof understanding each well enough to communicate the details to those responsible for fixing them and those responsible for installing their fixes (systems administrators). This report describes everything that members of the CERT/CC have learned and subsequentlysynthesized from analyzing the rlogin defect.