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Girish Seshagiri (Ishpi Information Technologies, Inc)
January 2017 - Presentation Panel: Secure Software Workforce Development Panel Session

This panel discussed programs designed to meet the growing need for software assurance professionals.

September 2016 - Podcast A Community College Curriculum for Secure Software Development

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management, Performance and Dependability, Cybersecurity Engineering

In this podcast, Girish Seshagiri discusses a two-year community college software assurance program that he developed and facilitated with SEI Fellow Nancy Mead at Illinois Central College.

November 2015 - Presentation Performance Metrics That Matter: Eliminating Surprises in Agile Projects

Authors: Girish Seshagiri

This presentation focuses on how the government can experience true agility with quality. It describes the challenges the author's organization faced using agile and how they were successfully overcome.

September 2012 - Presentation High Maturity Practices: The Way Forward

Topics: TSP

Keynote presentation given at TSP Symposium on September 18-20, 2012

September 2006 - Presentation Process Improvement Proposals (PIPs) Organization, Team, Individual

Topics: TSP

Presentation given at TSP Symposium on September 18-21, 2006

November 1999 - Technical Report Software Process Improvement Works! (Advanced Information Services Inc.)

This report describes the work of the 1998 recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Software Process Achievement Award, jointly established by the SEI and IEEE to recognize outstanding achievements in software process improvement.