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Danbing Seto
March 2003 - Presentation Applying CMMI in Information Technology Organizations

Topics: CMMI

Authors: Danbing Seto

This presentation contains a case study from ChangeBridge, Incorporated, on applying CMMI to an information technology organization.

May 2000 - Technical Report Case Study: Development of a Baseline Controller for Automatic Landing of an F-16 Aircraft Using Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMIs)

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This report presents preliminary results on the design of the baseline controller for an F-16 aircraft automatic landing system using linear matrix inequalities (LMI)-based approaches.

November 1999 - Technical Report A Case Study on Analytical Analysis of the Inverted Pendulum Real-Time Control System

Topics: Performance and Dependability

An inverted pendulum has been used as the controlled device in a prototype real-time control system employing the Simplex architecture. In this report, we address the control issues of such a system in an analytic way.

August 1999 - Technical Report Simplex in a Hostile Communications Environment: The Coordinated Prototype

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This report describes an approach to using Simplex to construct a COTS-based computer system capable of coordinated real-time motion control in a hostile communications environment.

August 1999 - Technical Report An Engineering Method for Safety Region Development

This report studies tolerance of semantic faults, one of the crucial issues in the Simplex architecture.