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Mary Shaw
April 2015 - Presentation Keynote: Progress Toward an Engineering Discipline of Software

Authors: Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw discusses the evolution of software engineering, drawing on civil engineering and software architecture for examples that show the progressive codification of informal knowledge toward rigorous models and tools.

April 2002 - White Paper The Potential for Synergy Between Certification and Insurance

Because of their affordability and availability, reusable software components have long been a tantalizing IT investment, but they are not without their risks. Certification and insurance are potential approaches to managing these risks.

December 1994 - Technical Report Characteristics of Higher Level Languages for Software Architecture

Topics: Software Architecture

System designers use two primary ways of defining software architecture; this paper explains why neither alternative is adequate.

August 1994 - Technical Report Experience with a Course on Architectures for Software Systems, Part II: Educational Materials

Topics: Software Architecture

This report contains the materials used by the instructors to teach the course CS 15-775: Architectures for Software Systems in the Spring of 1994 in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

January 1994 - Technical Report Procedure Calls Are the Assembly Language of Software Interconnection: Connectors Deserve First-Class Status

Authors: Mary Shaw

This 1994 report elevates the relations among software system components to first-class entities of the system, entitled to their own specifications and abstractions.

January 1994 - Technical Report Beyond Objects: A Software Design Paradigm Based on Process Control

Authors: Mary Shaw

This report explains process control models and derives a software paradigm for control loop organizations.

January 1994 - Technical Report An Introduction to Software Architecture

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper provides an introduction to the emerging field of software architecture.

March 1993 - Technical Report Software Architectures for Shared Information Systems

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Mary Shaw

This 1993 paper reviews historical examples of shared information systems in three different applications whose requirements share some common features about collecting, manipulating, and preserving large bodies of complex information.

August 1992 - Technical Report Experience with a Course on Architectures for Software Systems Part I: Course Description

Topics: Software Architecture

The "software architecture" level of software design was the subject of a course taught at the SEI in 1992. This report presents the motivation for the course, the content and structure of the current version, and plans for improving the next version.

August 1991 - Technical Report Models for Undergraduate Project Courses in Software Engineering

This 1991 report discusses 1) how software engineering course instructors balance technical and management topics and 2) the relation between the lecture and project components.

July 1991 - Educational Material A Software Engineering Project Course with a Real Client

In 1991, CMU offered an introductory software engineering course that was organized around a project with a real deliverable for a real client. This report describes the course and presents the materials produced by the course's faculty and students.

September 1990 - Technical Report Prospects for an Engineering Discipline of Software

Authors: Mary Shaw

This 1990 report examines the practice of engineering and the way it has evolved in other disciplines.

July 1990 - Technical Report Informatics for a New Century: Computing Education for 1990s and Beyond

Authors: Mary Shaw

This 1990 paper outlines the needs for information processing and analyzes the populations that will require informatics education.

December 1989 - Technical Report What a Software Engineer Needs to Know: I. Program Vocabulary

In this 1989 report, the authors examine the programming language vocabulary of the programmer by gathering statistics on large bodies of code in three languages.